Alessandro Fantetti

1961 Born in Vicenza, Italy;
1987 Graduated in Architecture at Venice, Italy;
1990 Registration at the PPC Architects’ Order of the province of Vicenza no. 711;
1995 Opening of his main office at Vicenza. There, design and management work for residential, commercial, executive and manufacturing units have been developed and over time, has specialized in interior design for luxury stores all around the world;
2008 Establishment of Fantetti Workshop srl offering to its clients consulting services on either bureaucratic, organizational and even technical aspects related to the creation of Concept Stores and interior design;
2018 Opening of the New York office for offering customers its usual complete service also in the United States.

The style of Alessandro Fantetti is characterized by simple, soft and clean lines, integrated with natural elements and neutral colors. This particular sensitivity is also expressed in the valorization of light and spaces as main architectural elements.

His vision is always ahead of the present situation, in order to be able to anticipate solutions using a long-term perspective. This particular modus operandi is attached to one single main goal: the result will be something capable of mirroring the client himself.


Fantetti’s uniqueness relies on providing the customer with a complete service of the entire design and construction management of industrial, residential, commercial and mostly in the retail sector.
The proposals are made according to the users’ needs. Besides the development of the projects, most of our services include 3D rendering models, custom design and concept development, executive detail analysis, and also the supervision and coordination of all the parties involved during the development of each project.
Since the initial phase of the creative process, Fantetti pays particular attention to the environment by trying to integrate itself in the context thanks to the collaboration of an external team of engineers, landscapers and agronomists.

Fantetti Workshop. Vicenza Italy


The main element that allows a project to be meticulously trimmed until it resembles to the specific reality of the project starts with a conscientious analysis of the client’s needs, the space, and the primary purpose of the project itself. From here, Fantetti continues with the supervision and management …

… of the entire design process, from due-diligence to the layout design and the organization to the final delivery, acting as the sole point of reference for the customer and for all the professionals involved, both internal and external ones.

Fantetti Workshop. Vicenza Italy


When talking about the retail sector, Fantetti can boast about a remarkable experience in the creation of single-brand stores. Starting from the notion and implementation of the Concept Store where the architectural structure of the environment is matched with the essential features of the Brand …

… without forgetting the customer’s comfort and the maximum attention to the exposed product, up to the verification of the constructive detail of the space created that it will appear strongly characterized, coherent and harmonious to the main concept but also and above all, it will be functional.

In fact, Fantetti does not only follow the initial stage of creation and inception but also intervenes in the management of the various stages of project realization coordinating the various professionals involved: the store planning team, the local architects, general contractors and interior designers.

Furthermore, particular attention is also given to the engineering through which Fantetti effectively seeks the optimization of the entire system in terms of time, cost, procedures and processes.

Lamp of Fantetti Design - Italian Architect Alessandro Fantetti


The designer’s role is fully in Fantetti’s activity as a professional service for the creation and development of concepts and technical specifications for the optimization of the functionality, value and appearance of a product, either if it involves furnishing, an illuminating element or a simple decorative object.



The Fantetti team, formed by architects, interior designers, render artists, technical operators and economic specialists, get involved in the management of the entire creative process from design to the realization of spaces.

The customer is provided with a complete package, project plans, construction details and rendering, feasibility studies, environmental analysis and everything else needed to be able to define the project and manage all the technical and operational aspects, including control of procurements, cost analysis, job accounting, certification and regulatory compliance.

Fantetti Workshop. Vicenza Italy

From this full service point of view the role of Fantetti is remarked as the sole customer interlocutor and as the point of reference for all the parties involved in the design and realization of each project.

This mix of elements, which distinguishes Fantetti’s Modus operandi, has been appreciated over the years by many private and industrial customers, allowing it to participate in projects all over the world.

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