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Cinzia Rocca’s first boutique mono brand in Italy

Her creations have always been present in the most important international department stores, from New York to Berlin, but now it will be possible to admire them in all their beauty also in two exclusive mono-brand boutiques. We are talking about clothing by Cinzia Rocca and her two Italian openings, two perfect addresses for a refined shopping.

The stylist with a sophisticated and elegant mood, known worldwide for the charming collections, has just opened her first two mono-brand stores: one in Milan, the fashion capital, and one in Verona, her homeland. And if the first is an intimate and delightful shop, protected by the marvelous arcade between via Manzoni and via Senato, the other is large and spacious with over 235 square meters. Both shops designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Fantetti, are the ideal mix of refinement and hospitality, with dark wengé shelves, burnished mirrors, satin metal details and a game of natural colors, from mud to taupe and a touch of chestnut.


More about it HERE. ( Original article available in italian language.)

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