ARTICLE BY: Corriere del Veneto

Progetto Ospedale di Padova - la nuova Pediatria

Italian News Paper: Corriere del Veneto

July 12th 2016.

Here’s the project for the new Pediatric Ward. The money is there, now is the Region’s turn.

It has arrived to the region and to the rector del Bo Rosario Rizzuto the feasibility study of the new Pediatric Ward developed by the Architect Alessandro Fantetti from Vicenza and by the Biomedical Technology Consulting from Bolzano supported by the Salus Pueri Foundation, the Forum of the Associations of Pediatrics and from the Children’s Hospital Department itself. The costs, for once, wouldn’t be a problem, the cost estimation is of 13 million euros and the council Zaia has deliberated 15 in favor of the pediatric ward last December.


The project plans to restructure completely the current Pediatric Ward, adding to today’s  four-story clinic the Pediatric Oncohematology which would be settled on an elevated level. (…)

More about it HERE. ( Original article available in Italian language.)

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